HDMI Gaming Cable
 HDMI Gaming Cable
 HDMI Gaming Cable
 HDMI Gaming Cable
 HDMI Gaming Cable

HDMI Gaming Cable

  • Connects to HDTV and displays, cable/satellite boxes, DVD/ blue-ray players, game consoles, cameras, computers and devices with HDMI.
  • Enhances colour, picture and sound.
  • Hi definition quality ensures superior signal transfer.
  • HDMI v1.4 with audio return channel and HDMI Ethernet channel, internet-based equipment can share internet access with other HDMI devices without any more Ethernet cable.
  • High definition TV transfer audio to A/V amplifier receiver by HDMI cable directly.
  • Definition of common 3D format and resolution.

  • Multi-functional Support: Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K video and audio return channel (ARC) and hot plugging. Superior for all 2.0 standards devices as well as being backwards compatible with previous HDMI standards (V1.4 & V1.3)
  • Universal Compatibility: Gaming HDMI cable allows you to share an internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable.
  • Mirror or Extend: Under mirror mode, you can enjoy the movies or play games on HDTV which displays the same content as computer desktop; under extended mode, each display simply gives more desktop room and they’re separate.
  • High speed and Transmission Stability: category 2 certified, 18Gbps/4k video at 60Hz, 2160P, 1080P, 48 bit deep colour. Gold-plated connectors and durable PVC outer layer protect against outside interference, ensure the purity of the digital signal, and provide the truer sound, picture.


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