Vertical Stand for PS4
Vertical Stand for PS4
Vertical Stand for PS4
Vertical Stand for PS4
Vertical Stand for PS4

PS4 Vertical Stand

Safely stand your PS4 vertically. Vertical position provides better heat dispersal. Sleek design to match PS4. Super steady construction to prevent tipping. Minimal base footprint ...

  • Safely stand your PS4 vertically. 
  • Vertical position provides better heat dispersal. 
  • Sleek design to match PS4. 
  • Super steady construction to prevent tipping. 
  • Minimal base footprint saves space. 
  • Compatible & Functional: Compatible with Sony PS4 with heat dissipation function.
  • Secure & Safely: The rubber stabilisers and anti-slide footpads will make sure your PlayStation4 stays in a stable vertical position securely and safely.
  • Simple Push Fit Installation: Just place your PS4 on the stand and your PlayStation Console will be firmly fixed with the vertical stand.
  • Space saving: This stand does a good job at comfortably hold the console upright. to save some room and you don't really notice it's there.
  • Succinct Appearance: Smooth gloss and matt textured finish to compliment your PS4 Slim.
  • High-quality Material: Made of high- quality ABS engineering materials.

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